Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baking Soda. Cure all. True.

Many years ago, my then father-in-law (TFIL) told me whenever he felt a cold or a tummy-ache coming on he downed a glass or two of baking soda and water.

At the time, it seemed ridiculous - in the same way as Windex being a cure for anything skin-related. As it turns out, he was not only right, he was ahead of his time.

These things I know:
Big Pharma does NOT want to research or develop any drug that will cure you. You being ill but alive is the key pillar of their business plan.

Monsanto and others corporate killers like it, also prefer you sick, fat and addicted because those states help them continue their orgy with Big Pharma.

Big Pharma and its bed-mates will block with prejudice any information or products that actually work and will defame, ridicule and debase any person or entity that might expose the public to this reality:

The best cures for almost anything are the most simple things.

Here's what else I know:

1. If it comes in a box or a bag or across a counter after being excreted from a box or a bag, coagulated over heat and then left to sit under a light, it is not good for you in any way.

2. If you didn't grow it, you do not know and you will never know what's in it. The word 'organic' on the label means NOTHING; there are no standards in Canada, the US or in Europe that define exactly what "organic" means. However, "organic" does NOT mean without pesticides or other poisons; it only means a part - any part of the growing, cleaning and packaging process - is chemical-free.  The label "organic," however, has an alternative spelling: PROFIT. This is because most people are lazy and do not understand, nor do they care to understand or research or read anything that might shed light on reality. This is called the ostrich effect.... The cure for it is a computer and Google....

3. If it is prescribed to you, the goal is that you live to consume it for five years, which is the per-person profit model for ANY drug marketed and particularly cancer drugs. Those drugs are NOT meant to cure you, only to keep you alive long enough that you contribute the correct amount of dollars of profit to fit Big Pharma's model.Where it comes to fast-killing cancers like lung and pancreatic, do not think that Big Pharma is in any way altruistic in developing drugs for those: their goal is to prolong your life (which, in the cases of those cancers is really your suffering), not to cure you.

4. It is probable that many of the 'drugs' you've consumed are not drugs at all but placebos: a wide swath of studies show in 30% of cases, simply thinking one is consuming a drug is enough to cure. This is particularly true with anti-depressives.

5. Specific to cancer, however, consuming garbage (all fast-food), putting garbage on one's skin (sunscreen, which blocks the skin's natural production of melatonin, which is absolutely necessary for the body's natural production of vitamin D, which is essential to the body's ability to fight cancers and MS), soaking in chemicals called "bath products," hair colour (a monthly application of highly-toxic chemicals to the scalp) will lead to the body's natural processes breaking down, it's defences being highly compromised; and voila, highly increased rates of cancers in every country where these things are common. How can one see - simply - if this is true? Check the stats in counties where fast foods and chemical preparations have invaded recently and see the spike - not rise; spike - in cancers.

Don't get me started on the marketing of cigarettes to children in countries where there are no laws to prevent such marketing. If you smoke, not only are you killing yourself and making those around you sick, you are literally providing the dollars by which those companies manufacture and sell addictive, cancer-causing products to CHILDREN.

Not only is smoking ridiculously unhealthy - in about the same way as shooting oneself - it is immoral and unethical because it contributes to the addictions and deaths of other people and in that way is not unlike other forms of genocide. Yes, I realise that is a highly controversial thing to say. But think about it....

But back to baking soda: It seems that the crap first-world humans ingest and put on their skins screw with a simple mechanism - the PH value of the body. An incorrect PH level seems to be the culprit in many illnesses but specifically cancers.

A search I just did turned up almost 2.5 million articles on baking soda and cancer (and other illnesses and treatments).

Is it possible that simply downing 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water each day is enough to bring the body to what seems to be the optimum PH of 7.4?

I'm going to do some reading on this, but I'm already convinced. Turns out my TFIL was right, at least where it concerns colds (they're called "The Flu" now). If the body's PH is 7.4, the body is then inhospitable for cold bugs. It really, really works and it seems to work in cases of tummy upset too - and definitely in cases of hangover, by the way (not that I'd know)....

You too: get your finger out and do some reading....

It is true baking soda will help if you have an upset tummy.

The rest of this is utter bullshit. I spoke to a nurse about PH and understood I was WAY off base on this part. The human body has a narrow tolerance for changes in PH - up or down, too far off the mark and you die.

I leave This blog up, with this comment, as homage to my deep desire to be a person who will, with presentation of facts and good science, change their mind, and my never-ending hope other people will do the same. 

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