Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update on the dishwasher thing...

Yesterday someone from Cannabis Culture Magazine posted a link to a British game show that was parodying the US prison system. They were attempting to make a joke of it - and it is a joke - but the reality is so brutal that, although one might laugh, it is the choked laughter reserved for the truly disturbing subjects.

Apart from all the commentary I could launch into about the state of US prisons and WHY they are structured that way, I make note of the percentage of appliances produced by inmates: 36% of all appliances are manufactured by inmates... in a country where it is illegal to import anything that is produced by those incarcerated....

As this relates to me, I'm curious to know whether my non-working, noisy (when it is working) mostly plastic appliance (the poorly-named 'dishwasher') was manufactured.

If anyone reading this knows how to find out if appliances were produced inside our out, please pop me a comment.

If mine was manufactured in a prison, I can somewhat forgive its poor construction: I'd be unmotivated too... what are they going to do? Fire the guys?

If, however, it was produced in a factory that people choose to work in and are paid for that choice, then there's no excuse for production of crap.

Oh, and Mr. Harper - yah, you! The dictator who is currently masquerading as the Canadian PM... what for is Canada accepting the garbage that passes for consumer products from the states? Hm? Is it penance for shipping our poisonous asbestos off to India?