Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remember War of the Worlds? Yeah, so, About Al Gore...

Unless this is your first time here - and if it is, welcome, - you will know that I believe, with much evidence in support, that Al Gore and machine is a huge, huge fraud.

The global 'warming' industry is just that, an industry, upon which he and many others are making a killing - and I mean killing, because people who live in failed democracies and failed countries, are suffering beyond with we in the 'developed' world can imagine, even if we have wildly good imaginations.

Canadian journalist, commentator and TV personality, Andrew Coyne's article (linked above) appeared on line and in MacLean's Magazine this week. PLEASE click the link and have a read.

The comment board following the article is huge, and rightfully so. It seems that, apart from dewy-eyed environmentalists, who too often, despite having their hearts in the right place, don't know shite about their subject, many people are questioning global warming -the Gore version.

You may have noticed that the term has morphed into 'global climate change.' This is an important change in that, when Gore's production is exposed - or more exposed than it is now - for the utter, falsified garbage it is, the players in the drama can say, "We said climate CHANGE," thus saving their dirty, lying faces. Such is revisionism.

A comment that came through my email today really caught my eye. The writer has a background in climate science - Mr. Gore has no such thing unless you consider high school science to be an appropriate background - and points out a couple glaring problems with Gore's ridiculous theory.

Here's the comment:

"I did extensive reading in world history before 1960, and I recall the Viking settlements in Greenland and the evidence of Viking settlements in North America. It was a given that the climate was warmer at that time (now known as the Medieval Warm Period, MWP) to support crops and herds in these northern climes. Then the Vikings deserted Greenland when it become colder.

So, when the hockey stick was published and the MWP was nowhere to be seen, I had a surprised reaction, “How could that be?” It was soon obvious that there was a scam in progress, and it was steadily revealed that the scam was political and economic. This is a trillion dollar fraud, and Al Gore and accomplices have somehow subverted a large number of scientists and the UN to pull off the fraud.

Still, it was no big deal to enlist the UN in the fraud. It was only seven years ago that the UN was central to the Oil-for-Food fraud, with payoffs in the billions of dollars while the Iraqi people, the supposed benefciaries of the Oil-for-Food program, were shortchanged in food, medical supplies, and health care. Many of the same players were principals in both frauds.

When someone is obviously lying, it does not require a whole lot of analysis to verify and correct the fraud."

Anyway, the bottom line is one MUST consider the players in this drama, who stands to gain and by how much before one goes madly off exchanging carbon credits (into Gore's pocket, no less, as he owns a major label in that industry.

If you really want to do something concrete for the environment, watch what you consume - and how what you purchase is packaged; plastic is costly and dirty to produce: drive one day less a week; eat meat one day less a week. That's it, that's all. It is really that easy.

On another note, about the US and it's definition of 'security' and how the current President, who looks more and more like a really handsome, well-spoken straw man - said in his INTERNATIONAL address the other day, that these new security measures are to make AMERICANS more safe....

Excuse me, mate, but if you're gonna naked scan my middle aged ass, you better be including me in that security. But then I don't think there is a terrorist under every seat.... I notice this week there are more and more people protesting the new measures as highly invasive and useless.

Click here for a whole 'nother rant,, The Idiot Empire, by writer, Murray Dobbin.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

This is the UK, covered with Global Warming...(otherwise known as 10 inches of SNOW)

.... or Global Climate Change, which is the new name designed to protect the very guilty parties from losing face, when the whole thing is revealed as a massive, greedy, corporate moneygrubber's sham.

No, I am not cynical....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Big Fat Secret Butter Chicken Recipe

I'm in a 'please make me warm mood' due to the grey, cold and snowy day out here in Western Canada.

In honour of it being mid-winter (and me detesting mid winter), I'm posting this really, really delicious recipe with credit to my friend, Bella Patel, who is a lovely person and who was able to sweet talk the basic recipe out of the cooks at a Bombay House in Calgary.

You can do this a few ways, all equally yummy.

Most Indian restaurants use left over (not old, just from yesterday) Tandoori Chicken. No point in wasting delicious Tandoori and what better use than butter chicken?

Tandoori Chicken:
2 roasting chickens (because SuperStore sells 'em that way)
1/2 cup plain yoghurt - or mango yoghurt
2 TBSP Tandoori Paste (SuperStore always has it as will your local Indian Spice shop).

Rinse the chicken and pat dry
Mix the Tandoori Paste with the yoghurt and set aside for a minute
Score the chicken's skin in several places and then rub the birds with the paste. Put them in a large container that can be covered and let them sit for a couple hours in the fridge.

Set your oven to 450 degrees. When hot, cook the chickens until their juices run clear. Depending on their sizes, this should take 30 - 40 minutes. If they're slightly underdone, it is not a problem - they're going into a hot sauce where they will cook further. DON'T discard that yummy juice.

If you want to make a fast version of Butter Chicken, use fresh or defrosted chicken breasts cut into reasonably bit-sized pieces; coat them in the yoghurt/Tandoori paste and set them in the fridge while you make the rest of the base.

Butter Chicken.
My recipe has onions, which is not traditional but which is very, very yummy.

Peel one large onion. Cut in half, place the flat side down and slice thinly.
Heat a LARGE skillet to medium high; add 1/8th cup butter and yes, I do mean butter. Thou shalt not skimp or worry about calories with this recipe.
Let the onions lightly brown - very lightly and then reduce the heat to low. When the heat is reduced, add 1 TBSP water and cover. Let the onions cook down and caremelise. This will take about 1/2 an hour - stir occasionally.

In the meantime, you're going to rip all the meat off the bones of one of those chickens you cooked. Cut the meat into large but still reasonably manageable pieces. Set aside.

Once your onions are lovely, carmely brown, bring the heat back up to medium and add 1 TSP of coriander and cumin
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/4 - 1/2 tsp hot chilli flakes, ground up
2 packed TBSP brown sugar - the darker the better.
Also add 3/4 cup butter. Yup. 3/4 cup.
Next, add 1 - 5 ounce container of tomato paste. It's good to have another one on hand, just in case you really like your BC tomato-y.

Stir this all up so it's smooth and drop in the cut up chicken - you can add some of that nice chicken juice in too. Stir it all up so the chicken is nicely coated.

It'll have started smelling delicious by now... best to have a glass of nice Indian beer beside you or wine. Wine is always good. Red, by the way. White will die next to this stuff.

Lastly, add 1/2 - 3/4 Litre of whipping cream - yes, that's the really, really fattening stuff; 33% milk fat... Ok. I conceed; you can use 1/2 litre wipping and 1/4 litre 10% or you can just use 18%. But seriously, you've gone this far and there's all that butter... may as well buy the whole farm, yes?

Give this all a really good stir up so everything is nicely incorporated and turn the heat down to low, low, low. You can let this all sit now and if you have time to let it sit for an hour, so much the better.

While all the flavours are getting to know each other and make 'babies,' get your basmatti rice on. This too has butter... Check the package directions for quantities as per the number of people you're feeding.

Heat a saucepan to medium high: add 2 TBSP butter (or ghee if you have it), three green corriander pods if you have 'em and maybe a dash of safron; then add the rice. Stir to coat.

Add in boiling water and cover (or you can add hot tap water, bring to the boil over high heat); reduce heat to very low and let the rice steam for about 18 minutes. Don't lift that lid there, Oh Curious One... give it at least 15 minutes and then you can check it, ok? Once it's done, take it off the heat and leave the lid off to let the remaining steam escape.

If you want some vegetables, and you should have some vegetables you can cook them in coconut milk - same as using water, really only way, way yummier. I use frozen veg, as they're parboiled and don't need as long to cook. If you put your veg on right after you get the rice going, all this is gonna happen pretty much together.

NOW GO LOCK YOUR DOORS. I'm serious. Once people start smelling this stuff, they're gonna come knocking.

Serve butter chicken with a ladle over the hot rice with veg on the side.

FYI, I dry my own chillies. It's easy. Buy four or five fresh chillis - jalapenos are great; get out some string and tie the chillis onto the string at intervals far enough apart that the chillies don't touch each other. Hang in a sunny window (yeah, I know. It's winter...).. in about 2 weeks, you'll have dried red chillis. Crush 'em up (wear rubber gloves and don't touch your eyes or nose) and store in an airtight container.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Bliss in my mouth!

Oh yum... totally stumbled on the most delish omlette combo...

I'm having three eggs (made with 2 TBSP water, a touch of salt and some rub - the kind you'd use for BBQ), spread with Spinach Skordalia and some goat cheese. Screamingly delish.

Skordalia is super easy to make.

Get out your food processor; pop in four peeled cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup pine nuts, 2 TBSP lemon juice, 2TBSP olive oil, 1 tsp or so of sea or kosher salt (or whatever you have really), 1/2 cup bread crumbs; cram the rest of the container full of fresh, washed spinach and puree.

Spread this on your omlette and top with goat cheese; fold in half, wait a sec for the cheese to melt a bit and then enjoy. Seriously yummy.

This skordalia stuff was also excellent last night on my sherried risotto, which is like classic risotto but with sherry - about a cup of it - instead of white wine.

Recipe for Skordalia, courtesy Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska:

Yeah, I know this blog is super schizophrenic....

About a Boy on a Plane

Are we disgusted yet? Are we, the non-US, international community not done with the US telling travellers all over the planet how and when to travel?

And are we not done with the wimp-assed idiot who pretends to be the Canadian PM? Don't even get me started....

I hereby will probably never go near the US ever again. I totally hate that country's politics and I detest how it throws its weight around the international community and I HATE it that they elected a man who, left to actually govern, would probably be a really great President but who was elected to put a very acceptable face on the continued reign of terror coming from INSIDE that nation.

The previous US administration has turned terrifying its country's people into an industry and it seems that the current administration either cannot or is unwilling to put an end to that.

There is NO basis for this level of fear and scrutiny. One has more likelihood of drowning in a bathtub - or being shot by a carjacker (much higher in that case) - in the US than one has of encountering a 'terrorist.'

As for this young man, his father called and made it clear the boy should not be allowed on the aircraft. I understand the young man was in possession of a valid visa but did NOT have a passport and was still allowed aboard. The media has not mentioned (nor researched, or even noticed?) who accompanied this young man and managed to convince security on the departure end to let the boy aboard.

The US government's security wing has been pushing for full body scanners for ages. The public has been vocally opposed due to the fact that the scanner virtually strips a person. As such, an event was needed to convince the public to accept such scanners.

These events, called false flag events, are commonly used to sway public opinion. There is much evidence such events are very, very commonly used, particularly in the US.

As for the 'explosives' this young man had on his person, the chemical in question can be used with other components as an explosive, yes; but it is also a component of certain heart medications. The young man did not have enough chemical on his person to blow off his own socks.

Sadly, citizens of the US have had their security and patriotism used very much against them and they are not educated enough to know, nor are they interested in knowing. They have been taught to fear outsiders - and that includes Canadians because Canada, according to certain US politicians, lets the terrorists over the boarders - and to believe they and their country are constantly under code-red status.

The terrorists have utterly won where it comes to security in the US. The terrorists are none other than the US Security system and the current US government that supports - encourages - this pathological xenophobia. US citizens are prisoners in their own country.

As it turns out, Steven King, the author, is somewhat of a prophet. See:
The Stand
Under the Dome.

I cannot imagine under what circumstances one would NEED to got to the US. Given one can work remotely and there are phones and Skype and the like, having to actually go anywhere near the US is unnecessary.

The international community - travellers in particular - should boycott any travel to or over or near the US. There are a million other places to go to visit or work. Let the US have its dome; let it have its pathology and let its government scare its citizens into cowering submission. The rest of the world is not in any way obliged to play.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Yes, I'm going to slam religion again.

A writer who I read a lot and whose writing I generally enjoy, stepped into a bit of a childish argument on an opinion column today. He's decided to boycott any and all Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam work.

Cat and Yusuf are the same person for those of you who didn't know: Stevens converted or whatever he did, in the 80s.

Boycotts are very effective IF they're enacted for very good reasons by large numbers of people. if, for instance, all residents of Nova Scotia or Alberta - or both - refused to buy petrol for a week to protest per-litre costs, it might make a reasonable impression. But 1 or 20 people boycotting Cat Stevens isn't going to do a damn thing to irradiate Islam or any other belief system. Sorry. Truth.

The current issue at hand is an assassination attempt against one of 12 cartoonists implicated by the Danish cartoons that were published.

Yusuf Islam is alleged to have said he supported some fatwa - Salman Rushdie in this case. Stevens/Islam's own blog denies this but given people's propensity to revise history when caught out or when it doesn't suit their current goals, I have no opinion on whether he did or didn't support or not.

For the record, the Danish government has not yet shown the guts to say 'to hell' with the religious freaks who presume to speak for their 'god.'

Even those of us who think religion is the greatest freakshow on earth understand the unbelievable presumption of speaking on behalf of a being the religious say is omnipotent.

The bigger problems are immense and cannot be affected by boycotts unless the entire thinking human population suddenly comes to its senses about religion. To believe that will ever happen is as insane as believing there are invisible beings running things on this planet.

I know the writer did not mean to spark such a debate - or maybe he did; I don't know him well enough to say - but spark he did and those who have weighed in (except for me!) totally missed the key flaw in their and the writer's argument.

Yet again, the ugly truth of religion reveals itself. Yusuf Islam is as much a victim of coercion as anyone else who shuts their intellect to the falsehoods perpetrated by religion and it’s ‘leaders.’

What the media pointedly ignored when covering the original story is this: Muslims had an issue with ‘mohammed’ being pictured – the fact that the pictures were cartoons is a side issue.

What the media did not also cover is the FACT that pictures of Mohammed – who probably never existed anyway – are readily available on the streets of Tehran and many, many other places; just as readily available as photos and drawings of any other supposed deity and for the same consideration: money.(I said photos on purpose: many people believe their religion's 'leaders' are gods on earth; hence, photographs. See the pope for example).

As in many other places, people, who, in too many cases cannot feed their children, are handing over the little cash they have for pictures of their imagined tribal warlord, who, if he even existed, was certainly mentally ill and who is dead over 2000 years.

Had the media covered this reality, that many among the murderous throngs had themselves paid for and possessed their own images, the stuffing would have been quickly knocked out of the Islamic argument. As usual, making sure the story had legs took precedence over a minimal amount of necessary research.

As long as humans continue to profess belief in ridiculous stories (flying horses, talking snakes, alchemy) utter, verifiable falsehoods (Jerico, some war outside of New York, virgins being inseminated by angels) and as long as they continue to place their ‘faith’ in liars (Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell, Ellen G. White, whoever recreated Horus as Christ) political regimes (Rome) and small groups (the two-by-twos, etc, etc) bent on social control, we continue to support an 'us/them' culture on this planet.We will continue to kill each other to 'prove' the utterly false. It's sick.

There is no pantheon of invisible beings living in the clouds; there is no old white guy who directs human traffic on this planet; there is no evidence at all that christ or mohammed or any other ‘god’ ever existed. There is MUCH, however, to quickly divest humans of these silly notions.

There is ample, endless proof, not to mention unending wars, boiling hate, putrid social and civil conflict, to convince humans to abandon childish beliefs in unseen spirits.

And before you all get your backs up and try to convince me how wrong I am and how I’m an infidel and going to hell, read up.

Read something other than your so-called ‘holy’ texts. Find out where your religion came from, who had a hand in it and WHY.

Humans are innately moral and ethical. This is an established, testable FACT. Religion makes us immoral and unethical and prone to perpetrating hell on our fellow humans in the name of impotent imaginings.This fact is viewable by US statistics. Crime is highest in the most 'religious' states. Look it up. Or surf this blog; I have posted the research and the tables.

READ any of the following:
Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion
Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great
Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation and this, also from Sam Harris

And may I say, if you refuse to educate yourself, if you refuse to read Dawkins because you 'hate that man,' you cannot argue. One who can but will not read is far worse than one who cannot but desires to.

One must know all sides of the ‘argument’ in order to argue effectively. For the record, yes, I have and I can.