Monday, December 20, 2010

Not PC before the holiday? The HOLIDAY is not PC....

I do realise that loads of you won't think this is nice or funny or in good taste. But I ask you, how is it nice or right or honest to repackage a bunch of really old myths and regurgitate them to a modern public and THEN to be all pissed off when people - like me - ask for verification of the source of the myth?

"Christmas" trees are PAGAN symbols, which we now decorate with crap produced by soul-less corporations.

"Christmas" is a repackaging of the celebration (by people who were scared of it and couldn't explain what was happening) of winter solstice.

"Christ" -which is not a name but a title, and a common one too - is a character based on another character - also not real - called Horus and on various other characters with similar pedigrees (godly dad, virgin mom). In short, been there, done that, still fake.

This is not to say that people ought not to be nice to each other or that they shouldn't have traditions that celebrate family and giving and peace and all that, but can't we just have those things rather than having to package them in the context of a myth that comes with a 'behave or beware' edict delivered by a man whose brutal torture and murder is replayed - for children - in every christian church? Seriously, isn't it weird?

Anyway, this: Thanks to @biblealsosays on Twitter for this link.

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