Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remember War of the Worlds? Yeah, so, About Al Gore...

Unless this is your first time here - and if it is, welcome, - you will know that I believe, with much evidence in support, that Al Gore and machine is a huge, huge fraud.

The global 'warming' industry is just that, an industry, upon which he and many others are making a killing - and I mean killing, because people who live in failed democracies and failed countries, are suffering beyond with we in the 'developed' world can imagine, even if we have wildly good imaginations.

Canadian journalist, commentator and TV personality, Andrew Coyne's article (linked above) appeared on line and in MacLean's Magazine this week. PLEASE click the link and have a read.

The comment board following the article is huge, and rightfully so. It seems that, apart from dewy-eyed environmentalists, who too often, despite having their hearts in the right place, don't know shite about their subject, many people are questioning global warming -the Gore version.

You may have noticed that the term has morphed into 'global climate change.' This is an important change in that, when Gore's production is exposed - or more exposed than it is now - for the utter, falsified garbage it is, the players in the drama can say, "We said climate CHANGE," thus saving their dirty, lying faces. Such is revisionism.

A comment that came through my email today really caught my eye. The writer has a background in climate science - Mr. Gore has no such thing unless you consider high school science to be an appropriate background - and points out a couple glaring problems with Gore's ridiculous theory.

Here's the comment:

"I did extensive reading in world history before 1960, and I recall the Viking settlements in Greenland and the evidence of Viking settlements in North America. It was a given that the climate was warmer at that time (now known as the Medieval Warm Period, MWP) to support crops and herds in these northern climes. Then the Vikings deserted Greenland when it become colder.

So, when the hockey stick was published and the MWP was nowhere to be seen, I had a surprised reaction, “How could that be?” It was soon obvious that there was a scam in progress, and it was steadily revealed that the scam was political and economic. This is a trillion dollar fraud, and Al Gore and accomplices have somehow subverted a large number of scientists and the UN to pull off the fraud.

Still, it was no big deal to enlist the UN in the fraud. It was only seven years ago that the UN was central to the Oil-for-Food fraud, with payoffs in the billions of dollars while the Iraqi people, the supposed benefciaries of the Oil-for-Food program, were shortchanged in food, medical supplies, and health care. Many of the same players were principals in both frauds.

When someone is obviously lying, it does not require a whole lot of analysis to verify and correct the fraud."

Anyway, the bottom line is one MUST consider the players in this drama, who stands to gain and by how much before one goes madly off exchanging carbon credits (into Gore's pocket, no less, as he owns a major label in that industry.

If you really want to do something concrete for the environment, watch what you consume - and how what you purchase is packaged; plastic is costly and dirty to produce: drive one day less a week; eat meat one day less a week. That's it, that's all. It is really that easy.

On another note, about the US and it's definition of 'security' and how the current President, who looks more and more like a really handsome, well-spoken straw man - said in his INTERNATIONAL address the other day, that these new security measures are to make AMERICANS more safe....

Excuse me, mate, but if you're gonna naked scan my middle aged ass, you better be including me in that security. But then I don't think there is a terrorist under every seat.... I notice this week there are more and more people protesting the new measures as highly invasive and useless.

Click here for a whole 'nother rant,, The Idiot Empire, by writer, Murray Dobbin.

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