Thursday, December 10, 2009

My town, downtown in winter...

First, a HUGE thanks to a very generous photographer, John Cornegge, for advice, graciously and willingly given.

You can find him at Think Orange Media John's work has appeared in a variety of very excellent publications and if you surf over to his site, you'll quickly see why.

These are photos shot in downtown in my city. They've been HDR'd. If you'd like to know what HDR is and how to do it, google it, or, better, got to any of:

David Nightengale (Chromasia) and Trey Ratcliff (Stuck in Customs), with John, are among the leading experts and users of this technique. I'll say it isn't difficult to do, exactly; however, it takes a lot of practice to make it excellent.

These photos were shot in this city's Plus15 system, which is the rabbit-warren-y conglomeration of interior walkways that link the majority of this city's down town buildings.

Some of our more vocal counsellors would prefer that we residents walk outside... but then, -30 with wind chill in the concrete wind tunnels outside make one very grateful for the above-ground maze. It's called Plus15 because it is 15 feet above the ground.

Christmas, or something like it...

Looking south from a Plus15 walkway that passes over a usually busy street. This was shot at about 3:30 p.m. December 5th 2009

Looking north from the same walkway. I love the clean, futuristic lines of this shot and also that a large trash bin is at the foot of the shot. Appeals to my skewed view of corporate life and what it does to humans....