Monday, September 07, 2009

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much

Last week, I sent on to the editor, by email, a commenter on my blog's letter of support on my take regarding how Jasmine Fiore was portrayed in the media.

The letter writer made a very good comment about how the media - in GENERAL - had trumeted this murdered woman's work - sensationalised her via her work (which they would NOT do, were it were an editor, say, or a ditch digger, who'd been murdered).

The reply back from the editor in question was that I had fabricated a headline her paper had not published, thus instantly proving she did not read either the letter of support, nor, it seems my initial letter. She claimed I said her paper had written said headline, when I made it clear in my note to her - and it was clear from the writer's comments - it was a general observation.

I have variously been accused - yes, personally my dear, as my name was used specifically - as someone who thinks modelling is a garbage job (I do not) models should be murdered (I absolutely do not) and as someone who denigrated Jasmine Fiore (I utterly did not).

My crime, in the eyes of this editor, was that I think a person should be firstly described as a human and a person and perhaps secondarily by their job status.

Job is what we do. Person, wife, sister, lover, daughter, son, husband are who we are.

The publication in question, like many others, utterly exploited this young woman by focusing on her JOB - a job that was, in her case, easy to sensationalise, which they also did.

As to this editor, my personal experience of her left me prepared for such an onslaught. She is expectionally tallented at spin, even when it is obvious she's spinning. She even went as far as having a person in her newsroom - someone who also didn't READ what I'd written - post a comment on her editor's blog. That, last time I checked, doesn't count as an unbiased comment....

I have subscribed to this publication for over 25 years and read it from long before that, as my parents were also subscribers. I currently benefit from a free subscription, thanks to my being a student of journalism at a highly respected college. The last class I took there, which I achieved an A in, was Ethics.

I'll stop here before I make some libelous comment. You are welcome to read between the lines.