Friday, March 13, 2009

I just tried out this "Dr. Wicked" thing - an electronic slave master that pretty much stands over your shoulder and makes you write... yeah. Imaginary whips and all.


Part of the problem with writing is the "what shall I write about thing. There are days where we writers feel it's all been said or that we've said everything we have to say or that northing's really interesting enough to comment on or that nobody gives a damn anyway, so why bother getting at it?

The reality is though that there's always something to say or some thing to comment on.

yesterday, for instance, a guy who I'm 'friends" with on FaceBook posted a link to a song... something about impeaching Obama, which at first glance (without having listened to the song), really annoyed me.. I'm Canadian but all things Bush considered, I was annoyed that already there is some movement afoot to impeach this new President.

However, as I'm such a conspiracist and because I KNOW - and yes, I mean KNOW - that the current financial "crash" is totally, utterly manipulated, I continued reading further posts from my buddy....

Seems there are some other people who've become "conspiracists" which is, apparently a dirty word and not something you want to be (but then, the thought of wearing a nasty labels causes some people to retreat - most people - and when they retreat, they also don't go lifting any rocks, so to speak).

The thing is, it's all to pat. HOW did all this happen? How is it that someone so hated - Bush - was never subjected to assassination attempts? Hm? How is it that two Kennedys died and Regan was shot at but Bush? Nada. The closest gun to him was that in the hands of Cheney - who shot his own lawyer in the face... ya, that's not suspect at all.

And then, on the heals of the worst presidency in history, comes this man, who has been, for many months, cast as the messiah. Don't believe it? Go do a search on Google Images for Obama.... See what I mean?

And then this financial crisis... World wide in under six months??? With little warning? Are you seriously telling me all the great financial minds in the world couldn't see it coming?? C'mon.

There's sooo much manipulation in this 'crisis' that really, one has to choose utter blindness to believe it.

I will say that the last 8 years of Bush policies where it comes to educating people in the US have certainly left the people there without the ability to understand basic finance or to read anything more than their poorly written, owned-by-huge-corporations-with-agendas newspapers. A country full of uneducated, essentially illiterate voters does not a problem pose if you're going to manipulate some markets... If smart people can be utterly screwed over by Bernie Madoff (isn't it hilarious that his name sounds like "made off" - as in Made off with your money ahahahah!)... then there's no hope for the rest of us!

The bottom line - and I'm going to continue looking into this - is that many people believe, some who have profile in the media, that Barack Obama was chosen long before 'the people' even heard of him, to do a job. A very specific job.

There's a film out, for which there is currently only a six-minute trailer - that I'm going to watch and post, if I can.

Despite that Obama is a brilliant man and obvously well loved by "the people," there is every reason to believe that he has been bought and paid for. Without going further for now, just the fact that he was at the Bilderberger conference over the weekend of June 6th 2008 - and that he attended with Hilary Clinton - should be enough to make most people wonder... Then again, most people hear the word "conspiracy" and they immediately dismiss any further thought about what the conspiracy is or might be related to... which is exactly what our friends at the Bilderberger organsaiont and the Trilateral Commision and the CFR want. I we dismiss it all for conspiracy, they have free reign.

More on all this once I see the film.

Thanks to Steve Henry Robinson for posting it in the first place.

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