Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Debate - and the panet - heats up

With the release of thousands of revealing and damaging-to-the-cause emails out of Britain last week, the climate change debate is heating up big time.

Thanks to revelations that a whole bunch of 'scientists' who had lot (of money) to gain had greatly manipulated data - created 'data' in some cases - Gore and Family's machine is finally falling to pieces.

I spoke last week to Christopher Monckton (by email) about the ousting of the so-called scientists involved in this 10 year long scandal. "Good, clean fun," he called it, quite tongue in cheek, I'm sure, adding "I've reported them to the UK Information Commissioner."

In 2000, about four months before G.W. Bush took office for his first 'term' or whatever they called that monstrosity of an administration, author and long-time journalist, Jim Marrs' book, Rule by Secrecy, hit the book stores.

In that book, which came out several months before the US election that year, Marrs makes several predictions based on his extensive - and we're talking 40 years here - research.
1. That, amazingly, G.W. Bush would win the Election, despite Gore's viability
2. That Gore would go on to establish a world-wide 'event'.

That event is this ridiculous manipulation of certain realities - one being that the planet's temperature does fluctuate, all by itself with very little help either way from humans.

Al Gore's very lifestyle belies his postulations. IF he's so bloody sure sea levels are going to rise by 20 feet by 2012, why on earth did he last year buy a condo not six blocks from the ocean? Hm?

That website among MANY others takes a long, hard, SCIENTIFIC look at the realities of planetary climate fluctuations and establishes in reasonably simple language that the World According to Gore is an accounting closer to that of Alice in Wonderland.

By the way, humans account for only Zero POINT 6% (.60%) of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, which is statistically insignificant.

Animals - those raised for food production are a FAR greater contributor to Co2 gasses, but still not in any significant or damaging way. Water vapours, due to the fact that water covers over 80% of this planet, are a far more significant factor in planetary warming and cooling.

This planet is currently exiting a short (in terms of the planet's overall age) cold spell, just as it did back in about 1700 or so.

Global warming has been a very, very effective way of diverting human attention away from other, much more serious issues - like how the global financial markets have been so manipulated and how incidents and wars are planned and executed and why.

Humans suck for their willingness to buy into any scary thing even when it is so obviously made up. Hence the popularity of The Blair Witch Project....

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