Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Y'know how some men say women are man haters....

Well, sometimes men bring it on themselves because they don't (are not biologically programmed to) think beyond the end of their knob.

Yesterday, a woman was murdered in California. The victim, Jasmine Fiore, 28, was found strangled and stuffed into a suitcase in a dumpster behind an apartment block.

Both CBC Calgary and The Calgary Herald (and I'm sure most of the bloody media) describe this woman in a variety of ways but neither describes her as a woman. They variously used the terms 'Playboy Bunny,' 'model' and 'swimsuit model' but the term "woman" is absent. Both reports call her alleged murder a man, a title he does NOT deserve, three words into their respective coverage.

I've called CBC this morning, while the male newscaster was still reading, to protest the dehumanisation of a woman as lead story.

Here are the ironies:
The killer is male
The news reader is male
The Herald reporter is male
The woman who was murdered worked in professions that cater mostly to males
The two reporters who could have given this woman some humanity both stole that from her by describing her by her activities, not by who she was.

This, boys, is the kind of behaviour that makes us girls not like you.

She was a woman first, followed by daughter, possibly sister and maybe mom. Yeah, she worked in an industry that you boys want to play in but not admit to and now one of your kin has killed this woman. And you have the balls to call her every thing but "woman" after she's put up with your kind? Get real.

You may call her all sorts of names but you, boys, are acting dishonourably by partaking but then castigating those from whom you partake.

I want to know why neither of the two reporters refused to humanise this woman. Is the newsreader at CBC not allowed to refuse to read such crap or did he just read whatever he received as copy? Does sensation trump respect when a woman is killed?

Boys, if you don't call your own out on their bad behaviour, you have no excuse for wondering why we women don't always think that highly of you.

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