Friday, May 15, 2009

More on Swine Flu

The media has taken a highly alarmist approach to reporting of the swine flu issue. I personally know two people who've had swine flu. Both took a week off work, suffered through it - and no, it wasn't fun - and that was the end of it. And no, I am not ill.

Except in very few situations, washing one’s hands and keeping one’s hands out of one’s eyes, nose and mouth, is the best possible prevention for any communicable disease.

What the media is NOT reporting is the pre-existing conditions of those who've died. The adults who have died recently have NOT died from swine flu. They have died because they were previously compromised. It is only possible, not proven, that swine flu hastened their deaths or had anything at all to do with those deaths.

Newspapers and radio are also ignoring the fact that, where the story relates to babies and very young children, most parents take their children to hospital, often for very minor complaints, when those children are ill.

It should be no surprise to anyone that a parent would take a youngster to hospital when that child is quite ill nor that the hospital keep that babe. Such is prudence when it comes to youngsters. But that does not have any relation to swine flu.

The GLARING omission, one the media as utterly ignored, is Roche Laboratories, the company that produces Tamiflu, has a vested interest in swine flu. The media is not asking WHY there is a sudden occurrence of a "pandemic" following the company’s stockpiling of Tamiflu and their June 2008 press releases, available on the company website, of their planning for a possible pandemic. How would they know? Why would they plan?

Swine flu and the so-called pandemic are false-flag events designed by a large, predatory corporation to promote sales of a product, in this case Tamiflu, which stocks the company now wishes to dispose of. It bears noting too that these created pandemics provide a very wide scale public testing of this company’s product.

There is absolutely no reason - NONE - for panic or school closures or termination of herds of pigs. All that does is continue to incite false, media- and corporate-created panic over nothing that regular hand washing won’t prevent.

The truth is that more - many more - people will die from AIDS and starvation, many of them children, in the next HOUR than will die from this flu.

The other truth is that in far too many cases, the vaccine is far more dangerous than the illness. See this article from 1976: "

Swine Flu

Woman receiving vaccination In 1976, a national influenza campaign was designed to immunize nearly the entire United States population in fear of an influenza pandemic. However, the A/New Jersey/1976/H1N1 vaccine, also known as the "swine flu" vaccine, was found to be linked with the development of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and the program ended.

People consuming what passes for news must ask themselves what is NOT being reported and, more importantly, WHY those details are not being reported. The media has willingly, it seems, become very little more than a promotional vehicle for corporations with products to flog.

See for more.

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