Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conservative Party of Canada; Self- Attack?

An open letter to a Leader who obviously worships the failed McCain campaign and its tactics.

Mr. Harper:

These recent attack ads, and those planned, are regressive and damaging - to the Conservative Party.

During the recent US election, the McCain team made extensive use of such ads, very much to their detriment.

The issues upon which the attack ads have been based are inconsequential, particularly the idea that one's accent in French has anything to do with their ability to communicate well.

And a note on that point: Mr. Harper, your accent is decidedly English. Decidedly. Further, your continued missteps related to Quebec, her people and culture mark you as uninformed. I cannot imagine why you would allow yourself to become such an easy target...

As it relates to Mr. Ignatieff being out of Canada for 30 years, I would suggest, sir, that he has never divested himself of his Canadian-ness, his citizenship or his love for his home country.

Further, he has never misrepresented himself - as you have done: your assertions, and those of your party, that you are 'from the west,' or 'the first western PM,' are frank misinterpretations: four years at university does NOT qualify you as having come from the west. You are a born and bread Ontarian. It is offencive for you to claim otherwise.

Again, to bring up Mr. Ignatieff's 'faults' does little to hurt him but causes YOU extensive damage.

Mr. Ignatieff is an educated, considered, worldly leader. Whatever one's politics may be, one cannot deny that he is a highly skilled speaker and has an excellent grasp of international politics. His commitment to this country cannot be underestimated, nor will it be damaged by childlike arm-flinging and foot-stomping of the attack ad type.

Mr. Harper, your repeated mistakes, dishonesty and now your party's ridiculous expenditures on misleading, libellous advertising is a slap in the face to Canadians.

Such tactics apply only to the politically naive: is that the constituency you wish to attract? Those who do not read? Those who are not issues-oriented? Armchair politicos?

I am a writer and political analyst - from the west - and I am representative of many voters here who are shocked that The Conservative Party of Canada would even consider resorting to McCain-esque tactics. You cannot have such a short memory....

I guarantee you, these tactics will fail and they will further damage your credibility as a leader and the credibility of your party's ability to lead this country.

Canadians have recently watched the events in the US, where an educated, charismatic, excellent leader warded off infantile, poorly considered political tactics through measured responses. We want an equally competent leader. The leader who LEADS, not a leader who acts like an ineffectual school-yard bully.

These ads remind Canadians too much of Senator McCain and cast you as absolutely NOT the leader Canadians want.

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