Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Pagan Christ

As you'll know, if you come here alot (and thanks if you do!), I'm fully of the opinions that
1. Religion is probably the most destructive force on the planet
2. Religious fanatics are the second most

Friday this week, CBC aired a great doc called The Pagan Christ, which, with a lot of excellent research by excellent minds, proves, in my opinion, that there was never any such person as the Christ of the christian bible.

If you've watched the documentary Zeitgeist, you'll already know what I'm referring to. The Pagan Christ essentially lays out a pretty simple, convincing case that the Roman empire had a polititcal goal, part of which was to recast its pagan gods into something more 'modern.'

For those of you who outside of Canada, my apologies if you're not able to view this video. Apparently, it is only available to Canadians, although I'm not sure exactly how CBC manages to sort everyone out... and let me say, I'm absolutely opposed to any intervention by any corporation/government/person in who can see/read/access what on the 'net.

Here's the link.
The Pagan Christ

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