Tuesday, August 05, 2008

LaVena Johnson: Raped, brutalised and murdered. The Bush response? Suicide

USA: This is your government.

It has lead you into an illegal war
It has sanctioned "Contractors," which run the show, shoot, maim, rape, kill at will;
It turns a blind eye to the rape and murder of its female troops;
It will not charge its murderous contractors with ANY crime.

CANADA: Steven Harper supports the US administration's decision to go to "war" with Iraq and agreed to send troops abroad. Do you want your country's name and reputation associated with the WAR Criminals that populate the Bush Administration?

The following video is intensely disturbing for its content but also for highlighting the endless crimes perpetrated on females (of any cultural extraction) in Iraq and the extent to which the Bush administration will go to lie, cheat and steal.

Dear Natalie Maines: we are ALL embarassed and disgusted. You were right. Twice.

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