Friday, May 16, 2008

United Nations to apply "responsibility to protect" doctrine to force international aid into Myanmar Petition

As you're certianly aware, there was a vicious and devastating cyclone in Burma last week.

Burma is 'ruled' by a psychopathic dictatorship - the extent of that psychopathology is evident in that the regime decided that while 100,000 of the country's population is either dead or missing, there should be held a referendum on keeping said regime in power.... good timing... not.

The Unitied Nations has a commitment to helping countries in crisis when those countries' administrations cannot or will not. Burma is a case of will not, as the administration will not provide Visas for aid workers and has limited aid to the country to very few drops of aid. Up until 5 days after the cyclone, only ONE transport of aid had been allowed into the country. One.

I have attached a petition directed to the United Nations. This petition directs the UN to act on its own resolutions and override the current whims of the Burmese government to allow aid and aid workers to enter the country.

Please sign this petition. The UN must know that the international community does not support genocide by starvation and disease.

Many Thanks


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