Friday, May 09, 2008

Run your car on water.

This week, I happened across a link to a site where one can find directions on how to turn any gas powered car or truck into a water-run vehicle.

After a short but interesting debate on that site, one of the contributors posted this link
to a site that clearly explains the technology and outlines the 1998 murder of the inventor. Suffice to say, he did not bow to immense pressure from oil companies to discontinue his research and to destroy the technology.

Also on that site is a film called "Who Killed the Electric Car," which I have seen and which I highly recommend. That link is also live.

If any of us still really believe our governments and our corporations have any interest in anything other than war and profit, these two items should help us limit those beliefs.

Dick Cheney said, on camera two weeks ago, that the only reason the US is in the middle east is to protect the oil supply. That is the sum total of any truth that man has ever spoken.

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