Friday, May 16, 2008

Man Caves!

My partner/spouse/boyfriend/AIP and I have been together for about 11 and a half years. He lives in a condo and I in a house; we're three blocks from each other. He sleeps here most nights but a couple times a week, he stays at the condo.

Why? Because we both know a man needs a cave.

We often tour open houses and I am regularly amazed at the homes some men must live in. It isn't the house so much, but the 'decorating' of said home, which in many cases unquestionably showcases who is the boss via endless pink paint and cabage-rose counterpanes and valences (which are gross dustcatchers anyway).

What man can retain his masculinity living in that kind of environment? It's no wonder there is almost always a dank, dusty, overflowing garage attached to such homes - the de facto cave.

As I'm a big ol' curmudgeon, I think that when a woman eradicates absolutely everything manly in the home she shares with her male partner/spouse, she is stating, without speaking, that she really would prefer her man not be in the home at all, but that's me and my weird perspective.

But seriously, no man - not even the gayest of the gay - thinks cabage roses are nice on anything. If a house looks like that it's because, when he's asked to comment on the decorating and paint choices, the guy hauls out the "yes dear," code for "Whatever, I'm totally not listening or interested. Where are the garage keys."

I laughed out loud at this article because it is true, true, true. A man needs a cave. Aparently the 'cave' in this story - a nasty, musty, bug and varmit-infested place on a swampy river is a very popular hangout for local men and a source of consternation for their wives/girlfriends, who don't get the 'cave' concept.

My man and I have the perfect relationship; he as a cave (which is not musty or smelly but sure is full of computer games...) and we have a house that is ours but has some man space inside and out, in the form of a crooked one-car garage.

Ask around girls: ask your guy friends, or your spouse if you dare, about the cave.

Photo Credit: Ryan Samuel, owner of the cabin.

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