Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yah. Good Plan USA

John McCain
Unabashed Iraq war supporter and war criminal
Husband of a druggin' Stepford wife who is also a convicted criminal
Thief in the Keating savings and loan scandal
Scary dude

For those in th e US who believe there couldn't be a worse 'president' than the current monkey, yes, there sure could be.

John McCain.


  1. Thanks for the interesting links. His wife looks kind of like an ice queen. He looks like a chipmunk. If he gets elected, imagine the cartoon characters...

  2. If he's elected, he'll be the pupet of the current monkey president, who's the son of a previous monkey president, who's the son of a man who financed war.
    Go there.
    Watch it all. PlEASE.

    Eyes open, heart open, mind open.


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