Saturday, March 22, 2008

I STILL say it's a HOAX.

Some months ago, I published a post on global warming, as presented by the very-quiet-of-late Al Gore. I think he's a fraud and I think the manner in which he and his lackeys present global warming depends on faulty science and erroneous research. Note; the link on that page is no longer valid, so check below for other links.

In today's Australian, in an article by Christopher Pearson it comes to light that there are many organisations that not only question the current "orthodoxy" on global warming, to steal their excellent term, but put forth that the current 'science,' is not relating the whole story. I should say, rather, that only those opinions, scientific and otherwise, that support the collision-course point of view are entertained in the media. The news media being what - and who - it is, good news is not any news....

So, here you are. Read for yourself. After that, go have a look at The Great Global Warming Swindle, (you can get it here, via IsoHunt): which aired last year in May on BBC, which produced the program, I believe.

There are too many corporate interests involved in the whole global warming game for my comfort: too many of those guys and one cannot ignore the stench of profit mongering.... Of course, one should certainly do their due diligence on all subjects, this one included. We'll talk in a few years, when the Thames is again frozen over in winter.

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