Thursday, March 13, 2008

Racists have no place anywhere, but espcially here!

This is the letter I wrote - me, a Canadian - to the Obama Campaign in protest of his 'spiritual advisor,' who is a fear monger and who uses patently false information in his divisive and stupid speeches. This man, Jeremiah White, has NO place in the Obama campaign.


I listened to a post by Jeremiah White on YouTube and I must protest this man and his point of view.

"Race" is a political construct that serves as a divisive mechanism used by the power elite. The term and the falsifications attached to it have no other purpose than to create hate and fear in people.

The skin is the largest organ of the body - please look this up. Skin serves to protect the rest of the body, regulate heat and cold and maintain the body's hydration system, among its many functions.

The colour of skin is nothing other than a biological adaptation to heat/cold/sun. Skin colour has no bearing on anything else. Add to that the dispersal of mitochondrial DNA in the international population and one quickly understands that we are all one 'race' despite our physical differences.

For Mr. White to hound on 'race' shows that he is bought in to using 'race' to divide and conquer.

As for his allegations that the fictional (yes, FICTIONAL) person Jesus was a black man in a white man's world, well that is simply appallingly false and manipulative. Jesus is a somewhat modern renaming of the Egyptian sun god, Horus.

You Tube:

Mr Obama, I write you from Canada, where we are very, very tired of the malicious, stupid, financially corrupt Bush administration, it's demonstrable, long term business and personal affiliations with the bin Ladin cartel and its drive to bankrupt the US and ruin other countries in it's pursuit of oil revenues and global government.

Your campaign has been extraordinary in every sense. Your willingness to surround yourself with exceptional people and to remove, with their approval, those who are brilliant but might compromise your campaign, is anything but usual. For that reason, Jeremiah White has no place among your supporters.

We in Canada look forward to the revolution your Presidency will certainly be.

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