Wednesday, January 23, 2008

935? Only 935?

One thing about living north of the US is that we're constantly inundated with stupid (as in the dumbing down kind of stupid) US news and that we're subjected to the garbage that passes for entertainment in the US.

By far the most appalling thing though is our awareness that, with very few exceptions - most of whom have moved to Canada already - there are some 330 million people who are so busy becoming fat and sick eating the crap that passes for food in the US, that they don't care what their so-called government is up to.

On Tuesday this week, the Center for Public Integrity, which worked with the Fund for Independence in Journalism, published a study of statements that had been disseminated to the public following THE US Government's ATTACK ON ITS OWN PEOPLE (Sept. 11 2001). Yes, that was a terrorist attack but the attackers were not from abroad. They were directing traffic from the Oval Office (left untouched) and a rear section of the Pentagon (also untouched).

The events of that day galvanized public opinion towards war and the garbage and lies that were foisted off in the two years following on the fat, lazy and uneducated US public were designed to garner public support for 'war' in the middle east.

See 911: Fear and the selling of the American Empire: look for (Geo)Politics, Middle Eastern Issues and, near the bottom of the list, 911: Fear and.....

The thing is, since 2003, according to this study, 935 false and/or fabricated statements have been disseminated to the public, under the guise of news and with the complicity of the mainstream media who KNEW what they were reporting was total, utter crap.

I can guarantee you there will shortly be another huge event of some type, which will be a creating of the insane minds running the US, to get the collective US head around an invasion of Iran. You know they want to.

How does this happen? Well, if you've seen either of Zeitgeist or End Game you already know.

If you don't know, please pull the wool off your eyes and have a glance over this article.

I realise that many people are very opposed to the idea that their own government could possibly perpetrate such nefarious actions, but, my friends, this is exactly how and why your government - and mine too - get away with all the things they do; because we really, cannot fathom, and don't want to entertain the idea, that there's something far more sinister afoot than simply the running of a country.

More? Books by Jim Marrs will give you an excellent look inside a whole bunch of world events. The BBC film "The Great Global Warming Swindle" will give you a look inside THAT issue - which, in my opinion, has been used to take your mind off various world events by keeping you feeling guilty and crappy; The Global Warming bandwagon is Religion's evil atheist cousin.

I will stop at pleading with you, but I am feeling desperate enough to entertain pleading: please consider there might be a possibility that something is really not right. Our way of life - yours in the US, yours in the UK and ours in Canada - stands to be irreversibly altered if people continue refusing to consider the possibility that something is not right.

You're probably thinking "Freaking conspiracist." Well, my friend, yes, that would be true. The thing is, I'd rather be a thinking 'conspiracist' than someone who is terrified of the truth, fearful of challenging the people they elect (Ok that doesn't apply in the monkey president's case), avoidant of labels and cowardly about stepping out of line, than someone who, by being passive, facilitates the very events that y'all say aren't going on.

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