Sunday, June 17, 2007


Follow up to a previous blog.....

Why is this young man wearing 'civilian clothing?'

Because, he's accepting a diploma for his brother, Connor, who was killed by a DRUNK DRIVER.

Connor was 17, clean and sober, well loved by MANY, beloved friend of Mike Hagar and John Broadbent. Both Mike and John were injured in the same accident.

Mike has just been released from hospital, still can't stand, can barely speak and will be forever changed. John's physical damage is over but his mental anguish is forever.

Connor is gone. He begged the first person to come on the accident to please tell his parents the accident wasn't his fault, that he was being careful and that he was so sorry. Then he died in a stranger's arms.

The drunk? 25 years old; habitual offender; several previous offenses.
Alive? Yes.
Injured, No.
Likely to quit drinking and driving? No.
Likely to reoffend? Yes.
Prosecuted? No. Not for another year.
Jail? Probably.
Will any of that bring Connor back or make Mike whole or take away the awful, brutal, vivid memories John will always carry?


This one is forever.