Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yah!!! Why hasn't Bush been impeached yet??? WHY?

Great article by Gary Kamiya:


Why people in the US were so freaked out over the Clinton blow job that they wanted him impeached but they're seemingly not bothered by GW Bush's lies and cover ups and illegal war and illegal election, is TOTAlLY beyond me.

What the HELL people??


Monday, May 21, 2007

How to Build a Nation By Fear, With Lies and Via Coercion

Last week, someone told me they didn't think I really understood the situation in the middle east. That was probably one of the most true things anyone's ever said about me. Except that I am not alone.

Nobody understands the middle east. The only way one could ever understand the middle east would be to suspend their knowledge - and thus their bias - of their own culture and to live in the middle east for several years. Then said person would have to regain their knowledge of their own culture. Oh. and they'd have to be able to grasp the preceding 1000 years of strife and religious tension in the middle east, as well as to understand why people would choose not only to expose their children to violence on a huge, cultural level but to also involve those children in it by way of teaching them at the earliest possible moment why they should hate the child across the street....

No, I don't understand it. From my privileged western perspective, it is entirely incomprehensible and always will be.

I do understand,however, that a nation that presumes itself to be the 'leaders of the free world' is taking quite advantage of 1000 years of disturbed life in the middle east to further its own agenda.

There's a great site called Best On Line Documentaries where I was directed to this video: 9/11: Fear and the Selling of the American Empire

I suppose a bunch of my readers will see this and go "propaganda."

Well, dear readers, where there's smoke, there's fire.