Monday, August 20, 2007

"United North America"

About 15 or so years ago, my dad, who was a well-read, politically astute man, mentioned in passing that the time would come when there would be a north American currency shared by the US, Mexico and Canada.

I didn't agree, as I thought there was no way Canada would allow such a thing.

I really hope I'm right about that and I really hope that the opinions in the article following here are just that. But I'm a conspiracist and I think there is MUCH afoot that the average citizen doesn't know or care to know about.

I'm not from the US and I will never be, so I don't know the true ins/outs of the political machine there, other than to say there are thousands of moderately bright people in congress and a handful of nefarious manipulators in positions of power. This is not unlike all powerful nations. There's much opinion that there are fewer than 50 people who actually run the world, despite that you and I get to elect someone... for what it's worth.

This document, The Red Amendment, I understand outlines the changes to the 14th amendment in the US. I leave it for you to follow up on. Suffice to say, I wish people would inform themselves, stop believing that 'there's no way our political leaders would lie to us and there's no way they can get away with doing stuff we haven't voted for.

As for the article, here's the core of it: the writer takes from his various sources that the current, dismal economic situation in the US is designed to force a situation that will terminate the Mexican currency and really damage the Canadian to a point where an internationally shared currency will be necessary - unavoidably so.

As a Canadian, I absolutely hate that idea. If Europe is any indication, we would not only get a common (US focused) currency, we'd get an international government that would eradicate any vestiges of Canadian-ness - and Mexican-ness, for that matter.

You think it will never happen? Well, if you're reading this blog, I suspect that you might protest like crazy (assuming you're Canadian). But most people aren't' reading this blog and most people in north America are so badly uninformed and worse, don't give a damn at all, that there is absolutely no impediment to the US taking over all of North America, installing a currency and finally a government.

The only thing they really have to do is be patient, which they have been, given the 100 or so year old "Manifest Destiny" thing that was a focal point back in around 1886, when Canadians were opening up the Canadian west to avoid US invasion.

Unless people wake the hell up, which they won't, there's little to stop this.

All I can hope for is that our links to Great Britain and the example of that country having NOT adopted the Euro will prevail in Canada.

Here's the article and the links to the information:



"The Hal Turner Show" has received images of the new unit of currency they are planning. It is called "the Amero" which will replace the "Dollar" and the "peso" in all three countries once they are merged out of existence!

They are even coining "Ameros" in Collectable precious metals like Silver as the "Proof" coin shown below!!

More details are pending. One thing is absolutely clear: The governments of the USA, Canada & Mexico are engaged in a conspiracy to merge the three countries without the knowledge or consent of "The People."

In furtherance of this conspiracy, the government of the United States is intentionally spending the nation into absolute, unrecoverable Bankruptcy with the intention that the monetary system collapses.

When the U.S. currency collapses, it will take with it, both the Canadian dollar and Mexican Peso because both countries are so heavily invested in the U.S. dollar through trade with the US.

During such a collapse, when hundreds of millions of average citizens face absolute destitution because their currencies have been wiped out, these Conspirators will turn to 'The People" of each nation and say "your only hope is to merge all three countries and make a new start."

The thinking is that the populations will rush to embrace the merger and forget all about our individual history, rights and systems. In one fell swoop, the Conspirators will clobber us into absolute despotism and we will be helpless to do anything because our money will have become worthless!

While you're gasping for air at this, did you happen to notice the DATES on these coins? 2007

Gee whiz, this plan seems awfully far along. I guess this means the collapse will be this year? Maybe that's why the housing market was allowed to "tank?" Maybe that's why the Stock Markets are dropping hundreds of points per day lately? Maybe this is why oil has increased in price. . . . because the oil nations already know they're going to take a bath on the currency change when they have to exchange "Dollars" they're already holding which will be worth only "pennies" on the "Amero?"

Are you starting to grasp why so many things are going wrong lately? Does a lot of it start to make sense when put in the context of wiping out currencies in the name of globalization?

This is betrayal folks! Betrayal by our highest elected officials! Deliberate, intentional despicable deceit!

This is EVIL treachery on a massive scale.

If you're wanting to know some of the hows and whys of what this Country is experiencing, I STRONGLY recommend checking this out:

Remember this statement:
"When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government [or the IRS, for that matter], you have Tyranny."
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States

"The less people know about what is really going on, the easier it is to wield power and authority."
Charles, Prince of Wales

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