Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cure? My backside!

I am convinced that the cancer industry is not only uninterested in finding a cure, but actively suppresses anything even remotely smelling of a cure. The bigger the whole "pink" campaign (an all similar others) becomes, the more it smacks of makin' money.

A cure for cancer would be an international crisis in terms of the health care industry. So many people would be out of work that there would be economic devastation.

Don't think so? Count up the number of people just working in areas related to cancer - docs, nurses, technical staff, lab staff, building staff, maintenance staff, auxiliary services (food, cleaning, suppliers) at just one hospital in your city .... now multiply that by every hospital in the world.

Now add in the international cancer research community and everything that's attached to that....

Now add in hospice services and all the staff and auxiliary services attached to that industry.

Now add in the cancer fund-raising industry internationally - all the people involved in that; advertisers, product suppliers, etc, etc....

Now add in the droning, wealthy, predatory machine that is Big Pharma. They're not supporting cures for anything bigger than a hang nail, believe me. They're NOT in the business of making themselves obsolete. They like you to be fat and sick. In fact, their product mix makes sure you are fat and sick. Get the picture? A cure for cancer would very probably put the entire world into a depression. Bad news.

Speaking of Michael Moore, I watched Fahrenheit 911 last night. I found out that the Bush, Cheney and Bin Ladin families are not only all really good, close friends, but that they share in three large, international businesses that have all profited HUGE from the war.

Fahrenheit proposes that there was a terrorist attack but I don't think so. I still know it was an inside, known about, planned for job. Regardless, the Cheney family, the Bush family and the Bin Ladin families all made zillions of dollars. Oh, and the Saudis own some 7% of the US....
Just watch it.

I seems that President GW Bush is a liar, a cheat, a scammer, and an idiot. He was illegally elected and should never have had the presidency. The optics make it look like his family was so involved in manipulating that election that it is stunning people in the US stand for it. Amazing actually.
Really Amazing. How is it a country that purportedly contains the leaders of the free world allows this 'person' to be in charge? HOW IS IT? It looks very much like the US president is using the US and Afghanistan to stage a war for his and these two other families' personal gain. SICK!

Only my opinion - and possibly Michael Moore's - but that's what it looks like .

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