Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stupid Women

Last month, footballer, Trevis Smith was convicted of crimes related to knowingly spreading the AIDS virus. What an ass.

Smith is married and has children - girl children, who are watching their shit of a dad spread is poison seed around.

From The Vancouver Province:
" Several women consented to a series of extensive interviews about their relationships with Smith. One became Smith’s girlfriend shortly after he arrived in Saskatchewan in 1999. Another is the Regina woman he lived with during football season for three years. A third is a Regina woman who discovered she is HIV-positive after breaking off her relationship with Smith. And there’s a Vancouver-area woman who dated him for four years until this May.

Smith currently lives with his wife and their two young daughters in Regina."

One of the women in this story - she who figures she's been 'with' Smith for three years, says she and he had plans.

I ask you: what plans does this woman have with a married father of two, who has two OTHER women in his life??

As much as I think this guy is an idiot and a very good example of the type of man we should all avoid, I am FLUMMOXED by how any woman could possibly be stupid and blind enough to figure she has ANY sort of future with a sick (litterally) philanderer who has no respect for his WIFE, his TWO daughters or any other woman whose path he might stumble across.

Women like all of those involved in smith's life (his daughters excluded due to their being involved with no choice) give woman generally a bad name.

HIs wife should leave him and take everything she can get, starting with the daughters, and she should be caused to take some sort of assertiveness training so that she can protect her daughters from allowing such men into their lives.

Same for the other three women. Men like this give loads of clues that they're spreading themselves really thin: those women need desperately to have some therapy so they know why they've allowed such a piece of shit to be in the room with them, let alone have access to their bodies!

it is just completely frightening how women can delude themselves - and the extent to which they'll delude themselves - for a man - or in this case, a gut sack with a dink.

GET A DILDO! They're big, they're cheap and they won't make you sick or cause you to be the other woman or to get AIDS.

I'm actually too pissed off to write anything else about this.

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