Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stuff I Can't Stand

Ok. I'm in a mood, so forgive me.

I can't stand it when I call the telephone repair people and they don't know how NOT to cut me off when they put me on hold! There are problem people on both sides of the phone, I know, but seriously, can't these geeks figure out how to put someone on hold?

I can't stand it when I call the tech support group for my computer software and the tech says "I don't know how that happened and I'm not sure how to fix it."

I can't stand it when people make that HUGELY annoying "ch-ch-ch-ch-ch" sound when they're thinking out loud! It is so annoying! See "Speak to Influence" for more on this.

I can't stand it when people say "real-i-tor." There's no such thing. It's real-tor. Exactly how it's spelled. I especially can't stand it when realtors say "real - i - tor." You'd think they'd know better. Go HERE for a list of commonly mispronounced words.

I also can't stand it when people call Italian people Eye-talian. No such thing. They come from Italy, not Eyetally. OK? And It's Iraq (ihrahc), not EYE-rack and Iran (ihrahn) not EYE-ran! OH, and Mr. Bush; it is NU-CLE-AR not Nu-cue-lar! Good grief.

I can't stand it when people negotiate over small things and completely ignore the big picture.

I can't stand it when people can't figure out how to turn left!!! CRAP People.... Ok here's how to do it: When you turn left, you turn into the lane nearest the median (assuming there are two lanes to choose from). You do NOT turn into the lane nearest the curb. If you do and you are hit by someone turning right, YOU are at fault.

If you want to get into the curb lane, signal right, shoulder check and THEN change lanes. And YES, the rules DO apply to you.

I also can't stand it when people who are merging stop in the merge lane. The deserve all the "birds" that are flipped their way.

I can't stand it when people are merging and mean to get over two or three lanes, so they hold up everyone behind them waiting for a break in traffic rather than merging properly and signaling while they're at it.

Ok. I'm done. I'm going to eat soup now. It always makes me feel better.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Modern Idiocy

Bad dads...

Y’know how parents always tell their kids “Don’t hit?” Well that little piece of advice doesn’t work if you hit your kid when you say it! Geeze, adults are stupid sometimes.

That advice also doesn’t work when you’re the 40 something dad of an 8 year old boy who gets into a playground scrap with two other little boys and then you, the dad, go retaliate by hitting someone else’s 8 year-old kid and then beating up that kid’s dad and trashing his house.

Yesterday in my city, three little guys got into fisticuffs on their school’s playground. I don’t think kids ought to pound each other for any reason, but it happens with little boys. The dads of these boys, however, decided to get into a huge brouhaha that ended with two of the dads totally pounding each other and then one of the dads getting a buddy and going back to the other dad’s house, pounding the guy with a metal pipe and then trashing his house. Sadly, these dogs were scared off by actual dogs, which gives me to believe that the dads are essentially big, fat, insecure bullies.

After that, this Neanderthal genius goes home and tells his little guy “Don’t hit or I'll fxxing kill ya'.” Man, people are so stupid.

See “Stupid Adults” for more of my opinions on this subject.

Anger has an anger management tool on it. It has some useful stuff and worthwhile reading too.

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