Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mr. Harper, the great pretender, part deux!

I just want to register my amazement at Mr. Harper’s continued theft of ideas, quotes and policies – and even of an “I’m from” (as he allows the “from the west” when he’s actually from Toronto. A few years at university does not make anyone from anywhere near the west.

Harper’s recent statement, that Quebec is a nation within Canada, is a rip off of Michael Ignatieff’s more eloquentQubec est ma nation, mais le Canada est mon pays,” (Quebec is my nation but Canada is my country) several months ago – in French; no wonder Harper missed it – quoted in Maclean’s Magazine on November 20 2006 in an article by Anne Kingston and from his policy primer, Agenda for Nation Building.

How long will it be before Mr. Harper adopts everything from "Agenda", rebrands it and takes credit for it? Given his inability to have creative, original thought on policy, not long I wouldn't expect.

I can hardly wait to see the demise of the poser who is this country’s current “Prime Minister.” He has the position purely by default, due to Paul Martin’s ineffectiveness following Mr. Chrétien’s handing off of a much damaged party mired in all sorts off good ol’ Canadian bullshit.

Mr Chrétien was a scoundrel and Mr. Martin was a weakling, granted: in a field of very poor candidates, and in light of the debacle that was the Liberal party at the time, Mr. Harper emerged the most convincing in a field of losers. That doesn’t make him a qualified candidate. His election only reflects Canadians’ resignation that, at that moment, there was no better choice.

Due to his many years living and working in the US, Michael Ignatieff may be perceived as the prodigal son, undeserving of a place in our Country’s leadership. He is, however, uniquely qualified for the position of Leader. He has long-term, intimate knowledge of and a very emotional love for this country’s politics, structure and goals and he as an equally intimate knowledge of the goals of the US administration

Ignatieff holds no illusions about the direction the US is taking in respect to internatinal affairs. Where Harper is happy to live in GWBush’s filthy back pocket and to be his pawn, Mr Ignatieff understands the US so well that there is nearly no risk Canada will simply become its anaemic parasitic twin.

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