Monday, August 07, 2006

My rent-a-kid...

This is Andreanne and her sister, Gabrielle. Andreanne is with me and my fam for most of the summer, thanks to the Canadian Unity Council's Summer Work Exchange Program.

Andreanne turned 16 in late June, so it's a big trip for her, but she's well up to the challenge.

My daughter, Emillie, is in Repentigny, staying with Andreanne's family there, also working as part of the exchange. Emillie has photos


and a damn fine blog


Both girls have it to enjoy the country, see things and improve their second language.

This is a great exchange program, despite its weaknesses (young, inexperienced coordinators). If your kid is in French immersion and finished 10th or 11th grade, they should apply. Prepare to have your own rent-a-kid for six weeks, but it's a blast. Just do it.

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