Sunday, January 15, 2006

I heard a funny thing today -- second hand, sorry.

Someone said they were super afraid that, if gay people are "allowed" to marry, it will wreck the social fabric of the US (That's NOT the funny part yet so stop laughing).

This same person, however, though it was somehow their fault that their ex spouse was addicted to porn.

What surprises me is that this person doesn't understand the HUGE amounts of money made and laundered by the US porn industry, not to mention the abject devastation pornography, addiction to porn and abuse of women who work in the sex trade cause to families.

Seriously folks, if two people of the same sex decide consciously they want to marry, who cares!? Their relationship doesn't affect you any more than does that of your neighbours, the two fat people who never wash but still have sex, does.

Porn, on the other hand costs absolutely everyone, no matter who.

Don't think it touches you? Got a virus scanner? Popup blocker? Got something that protects your kids from exposure to porn on the internet?

Yah, it touches you.

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