Monday, October 10, 2005

Emillie The Dancer, reprise

So, Emillie had a great weekend at the Irwin Feis in Calgary.

Saturday, she had five competitions. She won two firsts, a second and a third, which was a really decent showing for the first competition after the long summer break.

On Sunday, Em's big trophy competition took place. I think she was more nervous than she was telling me because, after she danced, she was all teary. This competition was pretty important to her, as winning it, which she did, gets her into the next level, Preliminaries.

Additionally though, getting into Prelims allows her to go to Vancouver and compete in the Oireachtas ("oriactus") where she can qualify for Nationals and also Worlds, which are held in Ireland.

She's pretty happy and we're quite proud.

Many thanks to our great teachers, Sally Houston, Kim Houston-Kinash and Kerry Houston of Ard Na Greine in Calgary for their love and dedication to all their students.

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